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ADEPT has provided marketing, advertising and public relations services to nearly a dozen Colleges and Universities across the United States.


Our team has executed traditional and digital advertising campaigns as well as delivered marketing, event and social media tool kits to faculty, program directors and program managers. Each Tool Kit facilitated in the creation of program content, contained resources such as official program pages, hashtags and suggested posts to be customized for each College’s use. 

We have developed and implemented College and University approved social media governance guidelines for social media. Specific programs developed by our team were aimed at reaching and engaging current and prospective students, alumni, corporations, economic development agencies, human resource managers, elected officials and other community members through various social media networks. 


Our team is familiar with adult and higher education advertising and online marketing procedures and guidelines related to social media. Monthly reporting and the use of our proprietary client approval process allows authorized faculty to access, edit, create and approve daily posts.  

Pictured on the left: Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) members with local students

Dream Big is an IMAX® film showcasing engineering’s impressive impact on our world and our lives. The film features amazing engineering projects, along with forward-thinking and compassionate engineers. 


The Museum of Discovery and Science in Fort Lauderdale has held multiple events where students of all ages have a chance to complete hands-on activities and engaging programs to enhance the learning that the film inspires. 


Dream Big aims to motivate a new generation of engineers and offers everyone the opportunity to experience engineering in a fresh and exciting way.


The event also allows the students to meet South Florida Engineers and WTS South Florida has provided speakers for this exciting event.

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