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Environment, Energy & Climate

ADEPT has a deep appreciation for what drives environment, energy and climate in a global economy.  

We understand the growing energy demands necessary for continued economic growth, responding to climate and environmental pressures and protecting our nation’s natural resources for future generations.

ADEPT represents clients providing services in the Environmental, Infrastructure and Geological fields including the following:

  • Beach Renourishment & Coastal Restoration

  • Civil/Heavy Construction

  • Environmental Due Diligence

  • Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Fueling Services

  • Laboratory Services

  • Oil and Gas Services

  • Pollutant Storage System Management

  • Public Works and Utilities Infrastructure Services

  • Regulatory Permitting

  • Renewables and Clean Energy Engineering and Financing

  • Sustainability Practices

  • Vibracore Sampling and Offshore Marine Support

  • Water and Wastewater Services

  • Water Resources Engineering 

  • Water Well Contracting

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