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Julie Ruffolo - Founder, Managing Partner, Communications / Operations

Ms. Julie Ruffolo, founder and managing partner at ADEPT is responsible for overall agency operations. Ms. Ruffolo brings a wealth of knowledge in multicultural strategy and foreign public relations, community outreach, stakeholder coordination, promoting business/corporate and special events, advertising and media buying, e-commerce brand and program management. 

Ms. Ruffolo has handled all aspects of monitoring, reporting, accounting and finance for fundraising, public involvement/awareness campaigns, events, trade and trunk shows, catering, investment banking, real estate development and management consulting. 

Her ability to engage with minority and under‐represented groups through implementing outreach strategies, developing innovative methods and direct public involvement campaigns helps clients reach every spectrum of the community.


Ms. Ruffolo oversees how ADEPT informs the public, develops memorandums to local governments, press releases, display ads, agendas, marketing materials and flyers.  She has the ability to facilitate the public involvement process by distributing plans, agendas and brochures written to familiarize the public with infrastructure projects.  Her team can arrange television or radio appearances, create videos and publish newsletters specific to transportation and infrastructure projects.

Ms. Ruffolo regularly prepares social media and online analytics, sales and financial reports as well as provides regularly scheduled forecasts, compliance monitoring and trends analysis reports.


Ms. Ruffolo is a member of the Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS) and the National Association of Professional Women

Ms. Ruffolo was recognized by Broward College as the Supplier of the Month in March, 2015, by the National Association of Professional Women as their 2014 Women of the Year and was awarded the 2014 Rosa Parks Diversity Leadership Award by the South Florida Chapter of the Advancing Women in Transportation (WTS) where she currently acts as the transportation organizations communications chair. 


She holds a degree in hospitality and hotel management from Brazil's UNIESP - Renascenca University.


Ms. Ruffolo is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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