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Mik Oca - Branding, Advertising, Community Placemaking & Design, Trilingual

Mr. Oca has over 20 years of experience working with public and private organizations in multiple business markets. He is a branding and community placemaking expert that works at the highest levels of leadership to consult clients on the aesthetic point of views for projects, from branding creation to product/project design. He has helped more than 100 Companies achieve their aesthetic goals, bringing value and changing the perception that the market has about them.

From his start in Italy over 20 years ago, Michele "Mik" Oca has learned the value of multicultural experience. He looks at things from a different perspective in order to offer creative and effective answers to a variety of design needs. With a uniquely qualified high-end international design background, Mr. Oca can translate retail, hotel and entertainment facility needs into universal design solutions.


Whether he is creating new neighborhoods, restyling a hotel in Italy, designing a new line of footwear in China, envisioning a “home” bowling alley for the White House, adding new features to a custom-built theme park attraction in the U.S., or adding the finishing touch to a sounds and lights fountain in Russia, his approach is always open and unbiased and most definitely-distinctive.

Mr. Oca is fluent in English and Italian.

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