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Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations are a valuable component of our economic engine.  IRS data shows there are over 1.8 million IRS-recognized tax-exempt organizations in the United States.  Our communities are able to maintain quality of life due to these valuable organizations who provide essential programs and services.


Nonprofits are about providing service to others, finding mutual bonds across distinct backgrounds, strengthening communities and inspiring our society in countless ways.  Daily, nonprofit entities form a vital sector that improves everyone’s life and makes our world a better place.


A successful Public Relations plan is based on great communication to leadership on a regular basis. Press releases, audience exposure and fundraising are critical to measure and analyze results in order to improve your plan as needed.  A Public Relations strategy approach must be different from the for-profit to the nonprofit organization plan. 


ADEPT’s Team can help a nonprofit organization in the following ways:

  • Create a Public Relations plan along the entity's long-term strategies

  • Create co-marketing opportunities

  • Define and connect the organization’s objectives and results

  • Fundraising campaigns for events and organizational mission and goals

  • Identify key board members, staff and volunteers to become involved as media spokespersons

  • Keep your staff, volunteers and donors well informed of your organization’s activities

  • Maintain a clean and updated contributor data base

  • Pitch story ideas about your cause so you become an information resource for the media

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