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Fort Lauderdale, Florida USA (November 9, 2018). - Dana Pollitt who serves as

spokesperson for Go Broward PC takes the reins as chair of the County’s Economic

Development Board.

Dana Pollitt, Managing Partner of ADEPT Strategy & Public Relations has been elected to serve as the 2019 chairman of the board for the Broward County Economic Development and Small Business Advisory Board. Pollitt has been behind the group Go Broward who recently advocated for the passage of the Penny Sales Tax for Transportation.

Pollitt, along with 10 other advisory board members, are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. The Broward County Board of County Commissioners established the Economic Development and Small Business Advisory Board created by Broward County resolution 2001-0800, adopted August 21, 2001.

The Economic Development Board identifies and evaluates issues distinctive to Broward

County Businesses; provides recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners and other government officials concerning enhancements to the County’s procurement activities and practices; enhances communication with, increases opportunities for, improves the economic viability of, and enriches the overall business climate for Small and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises within Broward County. The board also promotes to the greatest extent possible, the participation and use of Broward County Businesses in the procurement activities of Broward County government with respect to the purchase of a variety of government services including construction, architectural/engineering services, commodities, professional services and business services.

“Being elected chair by my peers is a tremendous honor,” says Pollitt. “I look forward to serving Broward County by facilitating and promoting economic development, jobs and small businesses. This is such an important time for Broward County businesses. With the successful passage of the Transportation System Sales Surtax earlier this week by Broward voters, we project annual spending potentially reaching $300 million initially. The Commission’s proposed goal of 30% small business utilization on contracts related to the surtax could result in as much as $45 million in annual awards to Broward County small businesses. That is huge for our Broward community,” concluded Pollitt.

The transportation surtax is projected to create 31,652 jobs (full-time equivalents) directly, 8,926 indirectly, and induce the creation of 13,921, for a total of 54,498 jobs created. With estimated total direct spending of $4.8 billion over the first 15 years of the surtax, awards to Broward County small businesses could reach $720 million over that period. 1 For more information regarding the Broward County Penny Sales Tax visit


About ADEPT Strategy & Public Relations:

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ADEPT is a leading South Florida advertising,

marketing and communications agency. ADEPT offers expertise in economic development, capturing public and private procurement opportunities, direct advocacy, government & public affairs, social media and digital marketing. ADEPT’s broad range of experience allows them to provide a better outlook on economic, political and social dynamics that influence important constituencies. ADEPT is a small, minority and women-owned U.S. Department of Transportation certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), a State of Florida certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a Broward County Business Enterprise (CBE). For more information, visit


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