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Transportation & Infrastructure

Move. Build. Progress. Transportation and infrastructure projects are fundamental to moving people, strengthening economies and satisfying demands of this ever-emergent global world.

Regardless of their significance, transportation projects and megaprojects can face many challenges, including,  planning, design, construction delays, financing problems, environmental concerns, political opposition, community opposition and unexpected crises. Clear communication with stakeholders at all stages of project development is essential to ensure the successful achievement of any transportation and infrastructure project.

Transportation and Infrastructure providers understand the need for Planning, Design, Construction and Financing.  From the blueprints to the red ribbon, these projects need effective community engagement through public involvement officers and outreach campaigns.  

Partnering with who knows as much about business development and strategic communications as you do about design and construction is monumental.  It is the difference between success and failure, making or breaking the budget.

ADEPT has integrated communication channels to establish forward-looking strategy for public and private agencies that include some of the following markets:

  • Alternative Project Delivery Methods

  • Aviation and Airports

  • Highways and Bridges

  • Municipal, Public Works and Utilities

  • Passenger and Freight Rail

  • Seaport and Marine

  • Transit and Transit Oriented Developments

ADEPT has engagements with companies who provide a multitude of services to the transportation and infrastructure industries including:  

  • Construction Engineering Inspection

  • Construction Management and Support

  • Construction Materials Testing and Inspection

  • Design Engineering Services

  • Facilities Management and Compliance

  • Geotechnical Drilling and Engineering

  • Inspections and Code Compliance

  • Project and Program Management

  • Transportation Planning

Photo on left: Young Circle, City of Hollywood, FL.

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