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ADEPT assigned two Advertising, Communications, & Marketing Services QVLs with Broward County

ADEPT has been added to the Broward County QVLs for Advertising, Communications and Marketing Services and is eligible to participate in quotes and/or proposals for services that fall within the following categories of QVLs:

• Category 1 – Research and Planning

• Category 2 – Media

• Category 3 – Writing and Design

• Category 4 – Digital Marketing

• Category 5 – Video Production

• Category 6 – Events and Outreach

• Category 7 – Crisis Communications

QVL 1 is open to pre-qualified firms, both County Business Enterprise (CBE) and Non-CBE firms for Advertising, Communications, & Marketing Services. QVL 2 is reserved for certified CBE firms only. As a certified CBE firm, ADEPT is eligible to respond to requests for quotes and/or proposals from both of the QVLs.


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