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2019 top ranked Fort Lauderdale PR firm chosen to represent Broward County's efforts to make sure there is a complete Census count countywide.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (October 8, 2019) During the year 2020, the United States Census Bureau will be counting residents across the nation in an attempt to determine federal representation and funding vital programs throughout the nation.

ADEPT Public Relations (ADEPT) will plan, design, implement, monitor, and manage the Census 2020 Marketing Campaign to influence historically hard-to-enumerate (“HTE") populations to complete Census activities to obtain a complete count in Broward County, Florida. The Census 2020 Marketing Campaign shall require the preparation of a marketing plan and the implementation of that plan to ensure a complete count.

In order to accomplish a complete and accurate count, Broward County has established a Census 2020 Complete Count Committee (“CCC”) which is comprised of six subcommittees which its ultimate goal is to increase awareness about the Census 2020 by dynamically reaching HTE groups and encouraging participation in the Census. HTE population includes families with children under 5, millennials, gen Z and senior citizens and homeless groups among others.

“It is crucial that influential leaders and residents of our community participate in the work of the Complete Count Committee and subcommittees to accomplish a complete and accurate count in Broward County. I will be personally reaching out to community leaders seeking support of the Census efforts in Broward County,” said Dana Pollitt, Managing Partner with ADEPT Public Relations. “We are thrilled to be working under the astounding leadership of former Senator Nan Rich who is currently a Broward County Commissioner and Chair of Broward’s Census 2020 Complete Count Committee.”

Census numbers are used to determine federal representation and helps to create jobs, provide housing, emergency preparedness, and build schools, hospitals, roads, and so much more.

ADEPT will provide public outreach support services including digital advertising support for the Census 2020. Broader efforts, running county-wide, will blanket the county with awareness and education; especially on the new digitized format of the Census. This can also be used to target workers for the Census in Broward County.

Services provided in the contract will include Marketing Strategy and Creative Services, Media Planning, Partnerships, Messaging, Monitoring, and Response. Underlying the effort will be a chain of very specific campaigns targeted for each census tract that has been identified in hard to enumerate areas. These campaigns will reflect the specific demographics of each tract, matching the language, imagery, and approach to the audience.

“We hope that other participants will share our determination and discipline to stay on course with the priorities, budgets, and strategies that the plan will provide. That way, we will be able to maximize the benefit for the citizens of Broward County,” concluded Pollitt.


About ADEPT Public Relations:

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, ADEPT is a leading South Florida advertising, marketing and communications agency. ADEPT offers expertise in economic development, direct advocacy, government & public affairs, social media and digital marketing. ADEPT’s broad range of experience allows them to provide a better outlook on economic, political and social dynamics that influence important constituencies. For more information, visit


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