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Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Under the guidance of the City of Key West and acting as a sub-consultant to the Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. project team, ADEPT will provide Public Engagement and Marketing related services for the overall project.

Duval Street, at fourteen blocks long, is the “Main Street”/Central Business District for the City of Key West. It is part of the Key West Historic District and world renowned for its’ parades and nightlife. However, extensive renovations have not been performed on Duval Street for over 40 years.

The goal of the Project is to coordinate with the community to plan renovations that will preserve and augment this historic corridor for leisure and commerce while improving its resilience and infrastructure, with special attention to risks from sea level rise and flooding. This program is expected to be implemented over a period of ten (10) years.

The Corridor consists of not only Duval itself, but the side streets that cross Duval between the boundaries of Simonton and Whitehead Streets. Also, for way-finding, branding and placemaking purposes, the connections between the Duval corridor and other important destinations like the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, the Historic Seaport, Bahama Village, Clinton Square and Truman Waterfront will be considered in the design and concept plans.

The goal of the public participation effort is to maintain an open line of communication that will encourage cooperation from the community, ensure responsiveness to community needs and help mitigate disruptive impact to stakeholders. The project team will work with stakeholders in creating big picture goals and help incorporating agreed-upon concepts that will result in final plans for Duval Street. Marketing and branding materials used throughout the project will embody the project goals and help to unite the community as the vision becomes reality. At the core of this study is a visioning process. While it is important to provide the public with context, it must also be of a relatable quality that allows them to immerse or imagine themselves in the vision. The use of infographics, renderings, 3D designs, and other graphical approaches are important to this process and will be incorporated in marketing and branding materials as they are developed.

The approach to public engagement consists of a combination of strategies, and at a minimum include: public workshops or planning charrettes, stakeholder meetings and City Steering Committee or staff meetings at City provided venues.

Certain sub-tasks and deliverables that could be expected for the project include:

1. Perform Data Collection & Discovery.

2. Develop a Community Awareness Plan (CAP).

3. Create Branding, graphic design, imagery, theming, flyers, banners, and invitations to support public engagement.

4. Develop Project website with interactive mapping.

5. Develop and implement a social media plan.

6. Conduct a Digital survey.

7. Distribute mailers and other notifications within the corridor.

8. Conduct public workshops or planning charrettes.

9. Conduct stakeholder meetings.

10. Conduct City Steering Committee or staff meetings.

Final project deliverables could include: Social Media Plan and Deployment, Digital Survey(s), Project Website with Interactive Mapping, Branding and Graphics to Support Public Engagement Activities, Stakeholder Meetings, Steering Committee Meetings, and Public Workshops.

"This is a significant project for the City of Key West, its residents, business owners and visitors alike", said Dana Pollitt, President of ADEPT. "We hope to bring our teams over twenty years of working within the Florida Keys and our nearly ten years of direct experience working with the City of Key West to support the vision and goals of the City on this monumental project", concluded Pollitt.


About ADEPT Public Relations:

Founded in 2013 by Dana Pollitt, ADEPT focuses on providing strategy and communications consulting services to public and private clients. With offices in Fort Lauderdale and Key West, ADEPT provides strategic communications, advertising, influence marketing, business development services, public involvement, outreach, governmental affairs, stakeholder coordination, community placemaking and branding services. For more information, visit, email ADEPT at or contact 954-769-1533.


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