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ADEPT Works with Broward Mobility Advancement Program (MAP) to Design MAP's FY 2022 Annual Report

Updated: May 9, 2023



Broward County’s Mobility Advancement Program (MAP Broward) recently tapped ADEPT to create the agency’s latest annual report, which highlights MAP’s multitude of program accomplishments along with other highlights, goals, and information on municipal projects and small business participation in MAP projects.

Graphic and digital design being a critical component in effectively messaging program accomplishments, engaging with stakeholders and the public, and building credibility for the program. Complete with video, animation, charts, graphs, and infographics contained throughout the report, members of the public can absorb the key takeaways of the report without getting bogged down in complex, technical details.

MAP Broward’s five goals include creating connectivity, improving transit service, managing traffic systems, enhancing multimodal transportation options, and ensuring economic development and benefit for all communities in Broward. Moreover, an independent Oversight Board, led by Chairman Alan Hooper, reviews all projects and provides transparency and accountability to the public.

Just four years after the first distribution of surtax proceeds, MAP has delivered a multitude of projects to the community and acted as an economic stimulus. Explore the MAP Broward Interactive Dashboard to check out all of the projects across the County and in every municipality.

You can read MAP Broward’s annual report in full here.

ADEPT is grateful for the opportunity to work with Broward County’s Mobility Advancement Program to help inform the community of MAP’s various goals and accomplishments.

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