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Phoenix Foundation Systems' (Security Boot) Construction Technology Receives Notice of Acceptance

Phoenix Foundation Systems' (Security Boot) Construction Technology Receives Final Notice Of Acceptance From Miami-dade County Building Department

Miami-Dade County, Fla. (September 10, 2015) – Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Phoenix Foundation Systems, LLC (PFS), owner and developer of Security Boot construction technology, recently received its Final Notice of Acceptance (NOA) from the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory & Economic Resources Board and Code Administration Division. The patented[1] product is a High Velocity Wind Storm Surge Security Device (HVWSSSD), designed to alleviate the damaging effects of hurricane force winds and flooding. 

Adaptable to existing and new construction, on slab foundation as well as wood or concrete pilings, the fatigue-resistant, high-tensile strength steel Security Boot exceeds Miami-Dade’s building requirements for flood and wind resistance by more than 300%. The Security Boot’s refinements were completed after more than seven years of R&D that included collaboration with engineers, architects, and patent attorneys with mandatory compliance testing to document the Boot’s performance. The Security Boot will prevent significant property loss by providing a securely anchored connection point between slab foundations/pilings and walls, withstanding up to 30-ft storm surge and hurricane-strength wind damage. It could revolutionize the construction industry, as it is expected to be the standard by which structural integrity is measured.

“After rebuilding on several FEMA recovery contracts, I was determined to find a practical, affordable solution to building differently, putting an end to repeated cycles of destruction, loss, and long reconstruction and recovery after hurricanes, windstorms and floods,” said Russ Benèt, President and CEO of PFS and inventor of the Security Boot. “It’s my vision to see my patented📷 safety design on every residential and commercial building across the US – and overseas – and am certain the insurance industry will respond positively to such a unique, financially reasonable construction tool,” concluded Benèt.

Governmental approval of the technology was strategically sought from Miami-Dade County, as the agency enforces the most stringent building code in the United States, as a result of lessons learned from the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The NOA will trigger automatic approval from several Florida agencies, such as Broward, Collier, Lee, Monroe, Palm Beach, Orange and Osceola Counties, as well as Gulf Coast and Mid-Atlantic States. 

Benèt and Winsome Bowen, AICP, Vice President of Business Development, comprise the management team at PFS. Benèt is an entrepreneur involved in a variety of businesses including construction and real estate development, commercial trucking and transport. He has operated in private practice and as a FEMA contractor. Russ is the inventor and designer of the initial Security Boot, and the subsequent Security Boot Magnum System and Security Boot Wrap System (adapted for new slab construction). Bowen is a certified planner with more than 20 years in the engineering industry, focused on infrastructure and land use planning, and began her consulting career in community planning and redevelopment in post-disaster relief and recovery for the City of Homestead in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew.

About Phoenix Foundation Systems, LLC

Phoenix Foundation Systems, LLC, developer of the Security Boot, is dedicated to providing wind and flood risk management solutions facing private and commercial sectors across the globe to reduce the potential for total property loss due to storm surges and the effects of catastrophic weather conditions. The company is marketing the Security Boot to builders, contractors, developers, architects, engineers, above-ground utility providers, private property owners, marine and insurance industry companies. To learn more about PFS, please visit or call 1-800-619-0691.


  • United States Utility Patent No: US 8,931,219 B2. January 13, 2015 (Foundation System and Method of Use for Decreasing the Effect of Wind and Flood Damage).

  • United States Design Patent No: US D689,207 S. September 3, 2013 (Foundation Support)

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