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Students Excel At National LINCS Supply Chain Management Certification

Fort Lauderdale, FL (November 23, 2015) – A group of Leveraging, Integrating, Networking, and Coordinating Supplies (LINCS) students earned all eight of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) SCPro™ Fundamentals certifications in the national LINCS Supply ChainManagement Program. The LINCS Program students will receive a specialized certificate for their accomplishments from the official LINCS industry partner, CSCMP.

“We congratulate these outstanding students who’ve become certified in all eight certification tracks of CSCMP’s SCPro™ Fundamentals,” said Rick Blasgen, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). “Earning these certifications demonstrates that they’ve gained the supply chain knowledge and 21st century skills they will need to advance their careers and remain competitive in today’s marketplace. This accomplishment paves the way for these to achieve success in their supply chain careers.”

The LINCS program began in 2014. Students enrolled in the certification program include unemployed workers, veterans, students seeking an in-demand degree, and professionals looking for a change. Currently, nine colleges and three universities offer the CSCMP certifications nationwide.

The certification program offers courses in various formats including traditional, online and hybrid instruction and encompasses eight industry-recognized certification tracks: customer service operations, demand planning, inventory management, manufacturing and service operations, supply chain management principles, supply management and procurement, transportation operations and warehousing operations.

“This milestone is celebrated by the entire LINCS consortium. We applaud the commitment these students have made to their careers, and look forward to supporting them in reaching their goals,” said Leslie Backus, National Project Director LINCS Supply Chain Management. The goal of the LINCS consortium is to provide education and certification opportunities for potential job applicants, including displaced workers, long-term unemployed workers, and veterans entering the workforce.

Additionally, the program will serve workers who are presently employed, but additional training to improve positions, increase wages and broaden career options; high school graduates who are currently enrolled in colleges or technical schools; and high school seniors who are undecided about what jobs or careers to pursue after high school graduation.

Additional information about LINCS is available to review at, and through updated posts on LINCS Supply Chain Management official social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About LINCS Supply Chain Management

LINCS (Leveraging, Integrating, Networking, and Coordinating Supplies) is a national supply chain management education and certification program funded by a $24.5 million U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT grant. Certifications are earned through the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP). LINCS is administered by a consortium of nine colleges and three universities led by a national team from Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. LINCS education and CSCMP certifications prepare participants desiring employment for a multitude of supply chain management positions across various functions of companies. For more information, please visit



Leslie J. Backus

National Principal Investigator

TAACCCT LINCS Grant | Broward College


T: (954) 201-8444


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