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ADEPT Selected on FDOT Transit Improvements Project

Updated: Mar 1, 2018

As part of the Caltran Engineering Group Design Team, ADEPT will provide PIO Services to the Florida Department of Transportation, District 4.  

The project will include transit improvements along SR-5/US-1 from Miami-Dade County Line to SR 842/Broward Boulevard. Improvements consists of Bus Shelters, Transit Signal Priority, Queue Jump and crosswalks.

The scope of the project is to propose bus shelters at 17 specific locations, transit signal priority (TSP) implementation at 18 intersections, a crosswalk and a potential queue jump along US-1.  The project originated from the US-1 Bus Rapid Transit Study conducted by Broward County Transit and further analyzed by FDOT.

As part of the project ADEPT will provide Public Involvement including communicating to all interested persons, groups, and government organizations information regarding the development of the project. ADEPT will provide to the FDOT drafts of all Public Involvement documents (i.e., newsletters, property owner letters, advertisements, etc.).

ADEPT will prepare a Community Awareness Plan (CAP) for review and approval by the FDOT. The objective of the CAP is to notify local governments, affected property owners, tenants, and the public of the FDOT's proposed construction and the anticipated impact of that construction. 

ADEPT will prepare notifications, flyers, and/or letters to elected officials and other public officials, private property owners, and tenants at intervals during plans production as identified by the FDOT.

ADEPT will prepare mailing lists and identify all impacted property owners and tenants (within a minimum of 300 feet of the project corridor). 


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