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ADEPT Picked For Broward County 2018 Port Everglades Master Vision Plan

As part of the world renowned Port and Maritime Master Plan Team of Bermello Ajamil & Partners, Inc., ADEPT Public Relations will support the five year Port Everglades Master Plan contract with public and stakeholder outreach for the new 2018 Port Everglades Master Plan.  Port Everglades envisions the 2018 Master/Vision Plan update will serve to synthesize the needs and opportunities across multiple market sectors to create a roadmap for continuous progress towards the Port’s mission:

As a premier gateway and powerhouse for international trade, travel and investment, Broward County's Port Everglades leverages its world-class South Florida facilities and innovative leadership to drive the region's economic vitality and provide unparalleled levels of service, safety, environmental stewardship and community engagement. Drivers for the 2018 Master/Vision Plan Third Update Despite recent years of financial performance and cargo growth, the Port faces opportunities and challenges for operational efficiency, facilities expansion, and land and water side infrastructure connectivity. 

ADEPT will support a fully versed International Port & Maritime consultant team that provides professional planning services, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services, architectural services and environmental services, as applicable for the Project. In general elements of the project will reflect present conditions through the Master/Vision Plan Update commencement. This 20-year planning horizon will remain with the 5-year Master Plan for the period fiscal years 2019 to 2023; the 10-year Vision Plan for the period fiscal years 2024 to 2028 and the 20- year Vision Plan for the period fiscal years 2029 to 2038. It is the Port’s intent that this analysis should result in a projective and substantiated market driven, phased roadmap for guiding cost feasible capital investments over the 20-year period.


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