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ADEPT Public Relations Selected To Support Broward County’s 100-year Flood Elevation Map Project

The objective of the project is to update the Broward County 100-year Flood Elevation Map with incorporation of future climatic conditions, including sea level rise, through the refinement and application of the latest county-wide integrated MIKE SHE/MIKE 11 hydrologic/hydraulic model, and in accordance with the outcomes of stakeholder and community inputs.

In 1977, a 100-year flood elevation map was adopted by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners (Board) to mitigate flood risk in developed areas. There were multiple Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) flood insurance studies and rate maps in certain municipalities in 1977, county-wide information on flood depths or appropriate design criteria was not available until Broward adopted the county map.

ADEPT, acting as a subconsultant to Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. will support the Team with the community outreach process. The Team will prepare and deliver presentations, as needed, before stakeholder and public groups as part of the map development process. Finally, the Team will develop and deliver a summary report detailing the project methodology, stakeholder process, model improvements, calibration parameters and results, production runs results, map development process, and the evaluation of potential National Flood Insurance Program Community Rating System (CRS) creditable criteria resulting from the project and through the stakeholder process.

The Team will support the County with scheduling three stakeholder meetings to introduce the community to this project and gather information to refine scoping before models are updated and run. Meetings will be held in the geographic areas associated with the north, central, and south portions of the County and may include residents, media, private sector, elected officials, subject matter experts, and other interested stakeholders.

Working with the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department (EPGMD) the Team will create and maintain a future conditions map series.  The map series will include average wet season groundwater elevations and 100-year flood elevations to account for predicted changes in groundwater levels due to sea level rise and ensure the resiliency of current and future infrastructure investments.

“The ADEPT Team is eager work with Broward County and to support Geosyntec Consultants, Inc. by engaging with the community and collaborating with stakeholders and public groups during the map development process,” said Julie Ruffolo, Managing Partner at ADEPT Public Relations.  “ADEPT is prepared to support the delivery of information through online and written documents, during community workshops and presentations and by coordinating with various stakeholders throughout Broward County,” concluded Ruffolo.


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