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ADEPT Awarded National Marketing Sub-Contract to Support Nine Colleges & Three Universities

Updated: May 21, 2018

ADEPT Awarded National Marketing Sub-Contract Agreement to Support Nine Colleges and Three Universities Through a US Department of Labor Grant for Supply Chain Management

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (June 30, 2015) – ADEPT Strategy & Public Relations will provide public relations, social media and governmental affairs support to National Education Consortium through a Certification Programs Marketing Contract grant from the US Department of Labor.

Broward College has been selected by the US Department of Labor to lead a consortium of twelve (12) higher education institutions (9 colleges and 3 universities) in the development and delivery of eight (8) industry-recognized certifications. The intent of this program is to assist eligible participants in developing the skills necessary to secure entry and mid-level employment in supply chain management. This program will be referred to as LINCS (Leveraging, Integrating, Networking, and Coordinating Supplies) in Supply Chain Management.

The LINCS consortium requires implementation of a marketing plan to accomplish building awareness among potential applicants, such as displaced workers, long-term unemployed workers, and veterans entering the workforce. Additionally, the program will serve workers who are presently employed, but require additional training to improve positions, wage/earnings and broaden career options; high school graduates who are currently enrolled in colleges or technical schools; and high school seniors who are undecided about what jobs or careers to pursue after high school graduation.

As a sub-contractor to another marketing and communications company, ADEPT Public Relations will be responsible for managing social media, public relations and government affairs. ADEPT will facilitate creating awareness and establish acceptance of the LINCS “brand” certification by employers focusing on the local markets of the nine (9) colleges: shippers-consignees/exporters-importers, manufacturers, wholesale distributors and retailers across different industries, logistics infrastructures, airports and airlines, seaports, rail roads and facilities, trucking companies and terminals, asset-based transportation carriers, steamship lines, non-asset based third party logistics companies, freight forwarders, custom house brokers and warehouse operators.

“We are excited to provide support services to facilitate Broward College and the entire LINCS Consortium,” said Dana Pollitt, Managing Partner with ADEPT. The LINCS Certification Program is an important tool for our returning veterans and others who can utilize their existing supply chain management skills coupled with the LINCS Certification to seek higher paying jobs and expanded opportunities for employment,” concluded Pollitt.

Finally, ADEPT will lead efforts to educate and inform policy makers of supply chain management’s impact on the national economy. ADEPT’s advocacy team will be directed at government representatives in the local markets of the nine (9) colleges, including US congressional representatives, respective governors’ offices, state senators, state representatives, local city executives, legislators, planning commissions and economic development organizations.


About ADEPT Public Relations

ADEPT focuses on providing strategy and public relations consulting services to public and private clients.  ADEPT provides strategic communications, public involvement, outreach, stakeholder coordination, influence marketing and branding services.  ADEPT is a small, minority and women-owned U.S. Department of Transportation certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), a State of Florida certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) and a Broward County Business Enterprise (CBE).  For more information, visit


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