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ADEPT Awarded Subcontract for Broward Regional Transmission System Master Plan

Serving as a sub-consultant to Global Water Infrastructure powerhouse BLACK & VEATCH CORP, ADEPT will provide public outreach support services including public media notification, for the multi-phased Regional Master Plan.

Some of Broward County Water and Wastewater Services’ (COUNTY) infrastructure may be approaching its original design life expectancy. In consideration of this aging infrastructure and to properly prioritize capital funds for the cost-effective rehabilitation, repair or replacement of such infrastructure, Broward County desires to utilize a risk-based asset prioritization approach to identify critical assets as part of the Regional Master Plan. This approach will allow Broward County to effectively provide risk analysis and prioritization with the objective of maintaining a desired level of service for its customers, communities and the environment at an acceptable level of risk.

Broward County's Regional Wastewater System is comprised of approximately 64 miles of force mains and 11 master pump stations. The system was constructed in 1974 and has undergone periodic expansions to reach its present configuration. Understanding the condition and performance of its existing assets will afford COUNTY the opportunity to unlock hidden capacity to maximize the use of its assets.

Black & Veatch will develop a comprehensive Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that will identify the need for inspections, upgrades, and replacement of existing assets.

Project phases include the following:

Description: Phase 1- Hydraulic and Transient Modeling

Description: Phase 2- Condition Assessment

Description: Phase 3 - Capital Improvement Planning

Description: Phase 4 - Emergency Response Plan


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