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ADEPT Launches National Video for a Consortium of 12 Educational Institutions

LINCS (Leveraging, Integrating, Networking, Coordinating Supplies) is a national supply chain management education and certification program. Funded by a $24.5 million U.S. Department of Labor TAACCCT grant, this program is administered by a consortium of 12 educational institutions.

With eight certification tracks, students can select the one (or more) that matches your career goals and your skills.  You’ll be learning from faculty and supply chain management professionals.  “Practical” is the focus, as you will be prepared to pass an industry certification exam for each of these tracks. Offered by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), these certifications will enhance your career options.   Founded in 1963, CSCMP represents professionals around the world, offering education, research, and connections in supply chain management.

In a classroom or through independent learning, students can select one or more of the following certification tracks:

  • Supply Chain Management Principles

  • Warehousing Operations

  • Transportation Operations

  • Customer Service Operations

  • Demand Planning

  • Manufacturing & Service Operations

  • Inventory Management

  • Supply Management & Procurement

In addition to studying at the 9 locations around the US, LINCS is also now available to study online.  Visit


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