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ADEPT Launches New Editorial Video and Television Spot For Key West

Key West Historic Seaport, Past, Present, Future!

Under the firms multi-year Marketing and Advertising contract with The City of Key West, ADEPT Public Relations has launched its second television spot for the Key West Historic Seaport

Working with Destination Network -- KeyTV, ADEPT developed an editorial video entitled 'Key West Historic Seaport, Past, Present and Future'.  

Once a vibrant center for the turtle processing and canning industry, sponging, shrimping and fishing, the Historic Seaport now has historic schooners that visitors can sail on one day and then take a catamaran trip to the reef the next.

The Key West Historic Seaport has become twenty-acres of world class dining, shopping, live music, accommodations, museums & water excursions for those wishing to experience the old Key West waterfront with a blend of the new.

Key West Historic Seaport: Your Gateway to Everything Key West!


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