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ADEPT retained to lead Go Broward PC's Broward Penny for Transportation Campaign

On Nov. 6, Broward County voters overwhelmingly decided to fund transportation upgrades in a bid to alleviate the region's notorious traffic. The Penny for Transportation plan will increase the county’s sales tax from 6 to 7 percent to fund an estimated $16 billion in transit improvements. The tax will stay in place for 30 years.

The Broward Penny for Transportation surtax would add 1 cent in sales tax for every dollar spent on taxable items. The revenue would be used to improve public transportation, such as adding express buses and creating light rail options, as well as upgrade roads and bridges, improve traffic signal synchronization and develop safe sidewalks and bike paths in all 31 Broward County municipalities.

Leading up to November 6 the Go Broward Political Committees mission was to further the common good and general welfare of the Broward County community by promoting citizen awareness and public discourse through education and advocacy on the economic impact and other implications of the Broward County transportation system sales surtax. Go Broward educated Broward County voters about the benefits of supporting the transportation sales surtax and advocate for its passage.

Go Broward retained ADEPT Public Relations to provide digital and social media services that included website, advertising and media buys and strategic messaging to voters. ADEPT planned and hosted events, handled fundraising for the committee and developed relationships with key transportation organizations who supported the campaign via formal endorsements to their members and the general public. ADEPT worked with local small and minority businesses, elected officials and civic groups drafting messaging and relative information regarding the importance of the surtax. #BrowardPenny, Let's #GoBroward!


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