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Go Broward greeted guests with #BrowardPenny step and repeat
Peter Moore, City of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Heather Moraitis and Dana Pollitt


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Fort Lauderdale, Florida (September 5, 2018) – Guests from some of Broward County’s largest employers gathered in Uptown Fort Lauderdale to support the Broward County

Transportation System Sales Surtax initiative. Members of Envision Uptown, the Go Broward Political Committee and a host committee of over 20 Broward County business owners and residents welcomed guests at the beautiful luxury aircraft terminal of Banyan Air Services located at the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) for a fundraiser supporting Go Broward’s Broward Penny for Transportation Campaign. Special invited guests included the Honorable Dale V.C. Holness, Broward County Commissioner, District 9 and the Honorable Heather T. Moraitis, Fort Lauderdale City Commissioner, District 1.

On the November 6, 2018 General Election ballot, Broward County will be coming to voters with a referendum for a penny surtax for transportation. As you may recall, the transportation portion passed in 2016 but was ultimately defeated as it was tied to an infrastructure proposal that voters could not digest. Of Florida’s 67 counties, 62 have levied a surtax. Broward has not. Broward ranks last, 67 of 67 in per capita road and street expenditures. The penny surtax will fund countywide transportation projects to relieve traffic congestion in all 31 municipalities that include improvements to traffic signalization, County roadways, intersection improvements, senior mobility options, public transportation (bus and rail) and to fund future investments in Broward’s transportation system. The surtax is expected to generate thousands of jobs, approximately $350 million its first year and roughly $16 billion total. Thirty to forty percent of the surtax will be generated by non-Broward residents and visitors. One message taken from the campaign is let’s put our visitors money to work for Broward.

The proposed Broward County Transportation System Sales Surtax will target the communities biggest traffic problems with solutions that will give residents a greater quality of life. Passage of the Broward Penny surtax will encourage adaptive traffic signalization resulting in less traffic congestion, intersection improvements, sidewalk and ADA updates, school zone safety improvements, more transportation options for seniors, fiber optic network improvements on critical roadways that support new signal technologies, bike lanes, expanded transit system facilities and routes to support new and improved transit service, possible light rail system and miles of resiliency projects to combat rising sea levels. Details of the Broward County plan can be found at

Go Broward Spokesman Dana Pollitt Addressing Guests

About Go Broward and the Broward Penny for Transportation

Go Broward is made up of local Broward County business owners and residents who have a vested interest in seeing the Broward community combat the challenges of our current transportation and mobility situation. The mission of Go Broward is to further the common good and general welfare of the Broward County community by promoting citizen awareness and public discourse through education and advocacy on the economic impact and other implications of the Broward County transportation system sales surtax. Go Broward intends to raise funds and make expenditures to educate Broward County voters about the benefits of supporting the transportation sales surtax and advocate for its passage.

For more information about Go Broward's #BrowardPenny for Transportation campaign please contact 754-218-8103 or Looking for ways you can support? Please visit or on Facebook and Twitter @BrowardPenny. Let’s #GoBroward!

This Release is Paid for and Approved by the Go Broward Political Committee.

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